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Personal demo account of the user

The demo account of the COFFE ecosystem is a part of the demo network of COFFE TestNet, an analogue of the user`s personal account in the MainNet network. It is designed to test the capabilities of system, test new products, platforms and capabilities. The demo account, as well as the demo exchange, will work in the TestNet network and after the launch of the MainNet main network and all services of the system. It will be constantly developed and supplemented by new functionality, which in the case of successful testing will be transferred to the main network. In addition, the demo network will serve to the users of the system for getting the experience with the system, testing the strategies and join work with a team of COFFE on a new system products.

Registration in the demo network allows to get a demo balance and work with it by the same way as with the balance in the main COFFE network. The holder of the demo balance does not have any right to receive real coins, it is designed only for the use in the TestNet network and money can not be withdrawn from the system. The demo balance can be transferred within the system from one participant to another, but it is not a means of payment and can create any financial or other liabilities. Administrators and developers of the system have the right to charge demo funds to participants at any time, as well as to reset the demo balance of the user. The COFFE team does not give any obligations and does not have any responsibility for the funds on the demo balance of the user.

Due to the fact that the first stage of the sales of CFF token will take place before the start of the main network, the sale of tokens will be done in the demo account, the accrual of tokens will be done to the main network of COFFE blockchain, the real balance of tokens will be displayed in the demo account separately from the demo balance.

To purchase tokens and test the capabilities of the system, you must login or register.

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